CEO's greeting


Since the Global Engineering Group was established in 1972,
it has steadily grown through its numerous achievements in the regional engineering field.
The group completed about 2,000 development projects
including national regional & urban planning, urban Development & Site Planning,
road plan, structural engineering, water supply and drainage,
water resources development, environmental engineering, disaster prevention,
transportation planning, construstion supervision etc.
based on its top-notch technologies and servises.

In the era of unlimited competition, the Global Engineering group
is striving to pioneer new overseas markets with its accumulated knowhow.
Thanks to its endless passion and challenging spirit,
the group is prepared to become a global leader in the 21C.

We will continue to do our utmost best to create an environment where man and nature
harmonizes, and to gain the trust of our customers as well as contribute to the development of our society.

Thank you.