Landscape Architecture/leisure
Yunji neighborh..
Period :2014.05 ~2015.06
Eco friendly ch..
Period :2013.11 ~2015.02
Jukdo wharf lan..
Period :2012.09 ~2015.02
Daesan district..
Period :2011.07 ~2012.09
Project name Period Ordering organization
Jukdo wharf landscape lighting improvement and rest area construction basic and final design 2012.09 ~ 2015.02 Gijang-gun
Daesan district agricultural and fishery theme park construction project basic plan service 2011.07 ~ 2012.09 Gyeongnam Geochang-gun
Deasan-ri region
Yunji neighborhood park city ecosystem construction project design service 2014.05 ~ 2015.06 Busan metropolitan city
Eco friendly children's amusement park development plan decision (with changes) service 2013.11 ~ 2015.02 Busan metropolitan city
Basic plan and final design service for Hwawangsan nature park 2008.12 ~ 2009.11 Changnyeong-gun
Miryang landscape master plan service establishment 2012.03 ~ 2013.06 Miryang
Establishment service for basic plan for Eco industrial complex development project 2008.04 ~ 2009.09 Hamyang-gun
Roadmap establishment service for a hub for tourism of the southern coast by Jinju 2011.04 ~ 2012.02 Jinju
Final design service for Sineosan amusement park development project 2014.08 ~ Until approval Gaya development Inc.
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